Genus: Dossinia:
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  • Borneo, Malesia, Asia Tropical
Dossinia marmorata C.Morren (1848) from Sarawak, Borneo: a compact terrestrial found in lowland and hill forests on a limestone substrate. Unusual for an orchid, the species name actually describes the texture of its leaves: Greek, marmoras -> Latin, marmor -> French, marbre -> English, marble. This species belongs to a larger group of 'Jewel Orchids' that, as ornamental plants, are prized more highly for their foliage than their flowers.
The term 'jewel' derives from the French word for joy; the leaf of a Jewel Orchid is a thing of beauty; and 'a thing of beauty is a joy forever' (Keats). Richly coloured, velvet textured, these leaves are a perfect foil for shimmering veins of gold as fine as filigree.
[Emrys Chew]
  • Anoectochilus lowii E.J.Lowe & W.Howard (1860)
  • Anoectochilus lowii var. virescens B.S.Williams (1862)
  • Cheirostylis marmorata (C.Morren) Lindl. ex Lem. (1848)
  • Ludisia argyroneura Miq. (1861)
  • Macodes lowii (E.J.Lowe & W.Howard) J.J.Wood (1984)
  • Macodes marmorata (C.Morren) Rchb.f. (1858)
Svetlana Raychinova
Doss. marmorata
Doss. marmorata
Doss. marmorata
Marzenna Kielan
Doss. marmorata
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