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Genus: Cattleya:
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Series: Parviflorae
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  • Brazil Southeast, Brazil, Southern America
stems are short, between 20 and 30 cm, has flowers more clustered and blooms mainly in the autumn.
  • Bletia caulescens (Lindl.) Rchb.f. (1862)
  • Bletia crispilabia (A.Rich. ex R.Warner) Rchb.f. (1863)
  • Cattleya caulescens f. fantinellii (Rosim & Locatelli) Van den Berg (2016)
  • Hoffmannseggella caulescens (Lindl.) H.G.Jones (1970)
  • Hoffmannseggella caulescens f. fantinellii Rosim & Locatelli (2016)
  • Hoffmannseggella crispilabia (A.Rich. ex R.Warner) H.G.Jones (1972)
  • Laelia caulescens Lindl. (1841)
  • Laelia cinnabarina var. crispilabia (A.Rich. ex R.Warner) A.H.Kent (1887)
  • Laelia crispilabia A.Rich. ex R.Warner (1865)
  • Laelia mantiqueirae Pabst ex Zappi (1995)
  • Sophronitis caulescens (Lindl.) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase (2000)
Mauro Rosim
C. caulescens
Mauro Rosim
C. caulescens f. fantinellii
Fred Clarke
Laelia mantiqueirae (syn)
Mauro Rosim
Hoffmannseggella caulescens (syn)
Laelia crispata (syn)
Marcus V. Locatelli
C. caulescens caulescens suave
Marcus V. Locatelli
C. caulescens tipo
Marcus V. Locatelli
C. caulescens cerulea
José Antonio Benelli
C. caulescens
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