Genus: Arundina:
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  • Réunion, Western Indian Ocean, Africa
  • China South-Central, Asia Temperate
  • Hainan, Asia Temperate
  • China Southeast, Asia Temperate
  • Tibet, Asia Temperate
  • Nansei-shoto, Asia Temperate
  • Taiwan, Asia Temperate
  • Assam, Asia Tropical
  • Bangladesh, Asia Tropical
  • East Himalaya, Asia Tropical
  • India, Asia Tropical
  • Nepal, Asia Tropical
  • Sri Lanka, Asia Tropical
  • Cambodia, Asia Tropical
  • Laos, Asia Tropical
  • Myanmar, Asia Tropical
  • Thailand, Asia Tropical
  • Vietnam, Asia Tropical
  • Borneo, Asia Tropical
  • Jawa, Asia Tropical
  • Lesser Sunda Is., Asia Tropical
  • Malaya, Asia Tropical
  • Maluku, Asia Tropical
  • Philippines, Asia Tropical
  • Sulawesi, Asia Tropical
  • Sumatera, Asia Tropical
  • New Guinea, Asia Tropical
  • Solomon Is., Asia Tropical
  • Fiji, Pacific
  • Society Is., Pacific
  • Marianas, Pacific
  • Hawaii, Pacific
  • Costa Rica, Southern America
  • Panama, Southern America
  • Jamaica, Southern America
  • Leeward Is., Southern America
  • Puerto Rico, Southern America
Arundina graminifolia in situ. Crocker Range, Sabah, Borneo. Very common on roadsides and other places where the forest has been disturbed and the sun gets through. Also commonly planted around homes and resorts. Flower colour ranges from purple, through pink to pure white (rare and only in very exposed positions). [Bruce Polkinghorne 2017-03-28]

Common Name: เอื้องดินใบไผ่, แขมดอกขาว, ยี่โถปีนัง, เอื้องดินใบหมาก, หญ้าจิ้มฟันควาย, เอื้องใบไผ่ภูวัว, ง้วนตักหง
bloom_month (local): April May June July August September
  • Arundina bambusifolia illeg Lindl. (1831)
  • Bletia graminifolia D.Don (1825)
  • Cymbidium bambusifolium Roxb. (1832)
Matt Nicaholly
Ar. graminifolia mini form
Ricardo Valentin-de la Rosa
Ar. graminifolia tall form
Kubumkuboy Bùi
Ar. graminifolia
Khairul Hafizi
Ar. graminifolia
Khunchai Chang
Ar. graminifolia
Sandro Lucas
Ar. graminifolia
Worranittha Koenig
Ar. graminifolia pink form
Kurt Keller
Ar. graminifolia
Shwe Yi
Ar. graminifolia
Shawn Chen
Ar. graminifolia
Rahayu Sumarni
Ar. graminifolia var. alba
Yosuke Oda
Ar. graminifolia
Manote Quahphanit
Ar. graminifolia
Matt Nicaholly
Ar. graminifolia mini form
Worranittha Koenig
Ar. graminifolia pink form
Khunchai Chang
Ar. graminifolia
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