Genus: Satyrium:
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  • Cape Provinces, Southern Africa, Africa
Satyrium coriifolium is a species of orchid endemic to the Western and Eastern Cape.
A new orchid for my list and what a beauty. Typically found on moist sandy flats at low altitudes.
Apparently the Malachite, Orange-breasted and Southern Double-collared Sunbirds are attracted to the bright orange colours and are the main pollinators of this stunning orchid.
Fire appears to help with their flowering. The fynbos is simply phenomenal considering that it was burnt beyond recognition just 8 months ago.
Rejuvenation, hope, starting over all spring to mind! My kind of magic...
Jenny Parsons
  • Diplecthrum coriifolium (Sw.) Pers. (1807)
  • Diplecthrum erectum Pers. (1807)
  • Orchis bicornis illeg L. (1763)
  • Orchis calcarata Burm.f. (1768)
  • Orchis cornuta illeg Houtt. (1780)
  • Satyrium aureum Paxton (1849)
  • Satyrium chrysostachyum Herschel (1838)
  • Satyrium coriifolium var. maculatum Hook.f. (1893)
  • Satyrium cucullatum G.Lodd. (1818)
  • Satyrium erectum (Pers.) Lindl. (1838)
James Stevens
Satm. coriifolium
Jenny Parsons
Satm. coriifolium
Ellie Goossens
Satm. coriifolium
Jenny Parsons
Satm. coriifolium
Jenny Parsons
Satm. coriifolium
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