Genus: Ansellia:
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  • Benin, West Tropical Africa, Africa
  • Ghana, Africa
  • Guinea-Bissau, Africa
  • Ivory Coast, Africa
  • Liberia, Africa
  • Nigeria, Africa
  • Sierra Leone, Africa
  • Burundi, Africa
  • Central African Republic, Africa
  • Cameroon, Africa
  • Congo, Africa
  • Equatorial Guinea, Africa
  • Gabon, Africa
  • Gulf of Guinea Is., Africa
  • Rwanda, Africa
  • Zaïre, Africa
  • Sudan, Africa
  • Kenya, Africa
  • Tanzania, Africa
  • Uganda, Africa
  • Angola, Africa
  • Malawi, Africa
  • Mozambique, Africa
  • Zambia, Africa
  • Zimbabwe, Africa
  • Botswana, Africa
  • Namibia, Africa
  • KwaZulu-Natal, Africa
  • Swaziland, Africa
  • Northern Provinces, Africa
Ansellia africana, a robust epiphyte found high up in tress in the sun. Found over vast areas of Africa. These images are from the Tugela Valley, near the southern limit of the plants range. Here the flowers are gracile and yellow, further north they become larger and red wine spots appear.
[Simon Joubert]
Flowers are gracile and yellow in teh south. Further north they are larger with dark red wine spots.
  • Ansellia africana subsp. australis (Summerh.) Senghas (1990)
  • Ansellia africana var. australis Summerh. (1937)
  • Ansellia africana var. nilotica Baker (1875)
  • Ansellia confusa N.E.Br. (1886)
  • Ansellia congoensis Rodigas (1886)
  • Ansellia gigantea Rchb.f. (1847)
  • Ansellia gigantea subsp. nilotica (Baker) Senghas (1990)
  • Ansellia gigantea var. nilotica (Baker) Summerh. (1937)
  • Ansellia humilis W.Bull (1891)
  • Ansellia nilotica (Baker) N.E.Br. (1886)
  • Cymbidium sandersonii Harv. (1868)
Ansidium Bess Waldon Ansellia africana × Cymbidium Dunster Castle
Ansidium Charles Rick Ansellia gigantea (syn) × Cymbidium Little Black Sambo
Ansecymphyllum Celestial Dawn Ansellia africana × Grammatocymbidium Lovely Melody
Catasellia Jumbo Opal * Catasetum Jumbo Pearl × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Catasellia Jumbo Godspeed Catasetum Jumbo Tycoon × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Clowsellia Denise MacLoed Clowesia Rebecca Northen × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Cycsellia Jumbo Trax Cycnoches Jumbo Dragon × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Cycsellia Jumbo Africa Cycnoches pentadactylon × Ansellia africana
Cymbisellia Jumbo Yenlin Cymbidiella pardalina × Ansellia africana
Ansidium Jumbo Redden Cymbidium Ayako Tanaka × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Ansidium Tessa Hedge Cymbidium floribundum × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Ansidium Jumbo Elf Cymbidium Golden Elf × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Ansidium Pasatiempo Cymbidium madidum × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Ansidium Magic Wand Cymbidium Peter Pan × Ansellia africana
Cyrtellia Orglade's Dreamer Cyrtopodium andersonii × Ansellia africana
Eulosellia Jumbo Nilotica Eulophia graminea × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Galeansellia Gondwanaland Galeandra baueri × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Anaphorkis Africata Graphorkis ecalcarata × Ansellia africana
Mormosellia Jumbo Artist Mormodes Jumbo Artemis × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Mormosellia Jumbo Pose Mormodes Jumbo Poseidon × Ansellia gigantea (syn)
Promellia Ken Promenaea Crawshayana × Ansellia africana
Promellia Joan Mervyn-Smith Promenaea Meadow Gold × Ansellia africana
Paulo Rafael
Aslla. africana
Rafael Santos
Aslla. africana
Rafael Santos
Aslla. africana
Rafael Santos
Aslla. africana
Sung H Lee
Aslla. africana alba
Rafael Santos
Aslla. africana
Eka Putra Hendra
Aslla. africana
Laszlo Illes
Aslla. africana var. alba
‎Bruno Jacomassi
Aslla. africana var. alba
Rafael Santos
Aslla. africana
Simon Joubert
Aslla. africana
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