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Genus Species Author Year Distribution
Appendicula adnata J.J.Sm. 1908 Sumatera
Appendicula anceps Blume 1825 Pen. Thailand to Malesia
Appendicula angustifolia Blume 1825 Sumatera to Jawa
Appendicula brevimentum J.J.Sm. 1920 S. Sumatera
Appendicula carnosa Blume 1825 W. & SW. Sumatera to Jawa
Appendicula congenera Blume 1825 W. Jawa
Appendicula cornuta Blume 1825 Sikkim to China (S. Guangdong) and Malesia
Appendicula grandifolia Schltr. 1912 New Guinea
Appendicula hexandra (J.Koenig) J.J.Sm. 1932 Indo-China, Sumatera (Siberut)
Appendicula lamprophylla Schltr. 1912 New Guinea
Appendicula lucida Ridl. 1896 Malaya, Borneo, Sumatera (Kep. Riau)
Appendicula malindangensis (Ames) Schltr. 1912 Philippines
Appendicula pauciflora Blume 1825 W. Malesia
Appendicula pilosa J.J.Sm. 1903 Sumatera, Borneo
Appendicula podochiloides J.J.Sm. 1945 N. Sumatera
Appendicula reflexa Blume 1825 Taiwan, Indo-China to W. Pacific
Appendicula reflexa var. reflexa S. Taiwan, Indo-China to W. Pacific
Appendicula rubens (Schltr.) Schltr. 1912 Sumatera
Appendicula rupestris Ridl. 1896 Pen. Malaysia
Appendicula tembuyukenensis J.J.Wood 2008 Borneo (Sabah)
Appendicula torricelliana Schltr. 1912 New Guinea