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Genus Species Author Year Distribution
Disa chrysostachya Sw. 1800 S. Africa
Disa crassicornis Lindl. 1838 S. Africa
Disa erubescens Rendle 1895 Trop. Africa
Disa fragrans Schltr. 1895 Ethiopia to S. Africa
Disa katangensis De Wild. 1902 S. Zaïre to Angola
Disa miniata Summerh. 1964 SW. Tanzania to S. Trop. Africa
Disa ochrostachya Rchb.f. 1865 Cameroon to Tanzania and S. Trop. Africa
Disa ornithantha Schltr. 1915 SW. Tanzania to S. Trop. Africa
Disa polygonoides Lindl. 1838 S. Mozambique to S. Africa
Disa rhodantha Schltr. 1895 Zimbabwe to S. Africa
Disa roeperocharoides Kraenzl. 1914 S. Zaïre to Zambia
Disa ukingensis Schltr. 1915 S. Tanzania to E. Zambia
Disa welwitschii Rchb.f. 1865 Trop. & S. Africa
Disa zombica N.E.Br. 1898 Tanzania to S. Trop. Africa