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Genus Species Author Year Distribution
Cycnoches aureum Lindl. & Paxton 1852 C. America
Cycnoches barthiorum G.F.Carr & Christenson 1999 Colombia
Cycnoches bennettii Dodson 1989 Peru
Cycnoches carrii Christenson 1999 Peru
Cycnoches christensonii D.E.Benn. 1998 Peru
Cycnoches cooperi Rolfe 1913 N. Brazil to N. Peru
Cycnoches dianae Rchb.f. 1852 Panama
Cycnoches egertonianum var. egertonianum S. Mexico to Colombia
Cycnoches egertonianum Bateman 1842 S. Mexico to Colombia
Cycnoches glanduliferum Rolfe 1892 S. Mexico to Nicaragua
Cycnoches guttulatum Schltr. 1922 C. America
Cycnoches herrenhusanum Jenny & G.A.Romero 1991 Colombia to NW. Ecuador
Cycnoches jarae Dodson & D.E.Benn. 1989 Peru
Cycnoches maculatum Lindl. 1840 Colombia to N. Venezuela
Cycnoches manoelae P.Castro & Campacci 1993 Brazil (ParĂ¡)
Cycnoches pachydactylon Schltr. 1922 Nicaragua, Panama
Cycnoches pentadactylon Lindl. 1843 Peru to Brazil
Cycnoches peruvianum Rolfe 1891 Ecuador to Peru
Cycnoches powellii Schltr. 1922 Panama
Cycnoches schmidtianum Christenson & G.F.Carr 2001 Peru
Cycnoches stenodactylon Schltr. 1922 Panama
Cycnoches suarezii Dodson 1989 Ecuador (Napo)
Cycnoches thurstoniorum Dodson 1989 Colombia to SW. Venezuela and Ecuador