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Papilachnis Amanda Reha Zahran test1 2018-12-21
Cattleya × hardyana 14 Dec 2018 / It's stange, Kew Gardens give us another information => Cattleya ... 2018-12-14
Laelia × batemanniana Name is incorrect and reflects parentage that never existed in the natural hybri... 2018-12-11
Cattleya coccinea Name is outdated and should say Cattleya coccinea to reflect consistency 2018-12-11
Dendrobium friedericksianum-hercoglossum i want upload my dendro pic.. can u advise me how to upload?? 2018-12-05
Pleurothallis cardiothallis trichosalpinx 2018-11-29
Pleurothallis Tumbez Pleurothallis Walnut Valley 2018-11-29
Phalaenopsis Bamboo Nancy I have photo of this flower, but I don't know how to put it on this website. 2018-11-27
Nervilia campestris Hi, unfortunately I am currently not able to obtain a FaceBook account because o... 2018-11-24
Phalaenopsis Micaels Pensamera Thank you Micael Li. Unfortunately we only accept photos posted in Facebook. Th... 2018-11-21
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum [41628, 17903, 189199, 38772] 2018-11-21
Cattleya maxima Hello Matt Bond. Thi sphoto was submitted to OrchidRoots on Aug 17, 2017 (see l... 2018-11-21
Vaughnara Jairak Kiss Thank you Phạm Thanh Hải : 2018-11-21
Phalaenopsis maculata-Chienlung Bear Ambo Thank you David 2018-11-21
Paphiopedilum Fanaticum Hi Mick. Following Kew regisatra, both Paph. Wilbur Chang (2016) and Latoya (201... 2018-11-21
Cattlianthe Hidden Gold Thank you for your comment. Which photo number(s) are misidentified? 2018-11-21
Masdevallia demissa Thank you Gerrit Verhellen. I will change status to "questionable" until we kno... 2018-11-21
Brassavola ceboletta Which photo number you are referring to? Both B. obsaliformis and B. chacoensis... 2018-11-21
Phragmipedium caudatum Thank you Marcos 2018-11-21
Phragmipedium humboldtii var. humboldtii [178473][28594] Submitted as 2018-11-21
Phragmipedium warszewiczianum [37871] Submitted as 2018-11-21
Bulbophyllum ecornutoides lateral sepals look different 2018-11-06
Epidendrum fulgens Brazilian orchid, known as a beach orchid, occurs in the southern and southeaste... 2018-10-28
Encyleyvola Grapelade This photo (#722) is not Vaughnara Jairak Kis. It is Encyleyvola Grapelade 2018-10-09
Phragmipedium Dagmar Elisabeth Hi. This hybrid is not Phrag. Angel. It is Phragmipedium Dagmar Elisabeth (Fritz... 2018-10-03
Arachnis flos-aeris Flower dimensions are wrong, margins undulating and banded markings too faint, a... 2018-09-18
Oncidesa Cocoa Peach Hello Henry, Photos are submitted to Orchidroots froun members of Bluenanta gro... 2018-09-07
Clowesetum Jumbo Lace Thank you Raoul Cere. It should be there now. 2018-09-03
Phalaenopsis Crimson Cherub Thank you David. The photo has been moved to Phalaenopsis Crimson Cherub-Dragon... 2018-08-26
Brassocattleya Edna Thanks! 2018-08-26
Rhyncholaeliocattleya Pamela Finney Thank you David. What a blimmer! They are now moved to Rlc. Chunfong Beauty (ai... 2018-08-26
Dendrobium Orchidwood Thank you Mick. The photos have been removed 2018-08-26
Phalaenopsis Micaels Pantheritz The Phalaenopsis Micaels Pantheritz photos are there. https://www.facebook.com... 2018-08-21
Eria lasiopetala To date (August 12, 2018) Kew Gardens indicates that Eria lasiopetala (Willd.) O... 2018-08-12
Isochilus linearis Looks like Isochilus aurantiacus which is orange color. 2018-08-08
Cycnoches chlorochilon Thank you Stephen, the photo removed 2018-08-08
Papilionanda Nellie Morley Papilionanda Hilo Jewel, misidentified as Papilionanda Nellie Morley. 2018-08-07
Campylocentrum grisebachii Campylocentrum Grisebachii, of the family orchidaceae, considered one of the sma... 2018-08-06
Vanda furva 50220, 17892 and 190428 are reidentified by Emrys Chew to be Vanda saxatilis 2018-07-31
Cymbidium Esmeralda Incorrect photograph. The flower should be green. 2018-07-31
Cleisostoma appendiculatum All photos posted by L.Jamir - someone mentioned that it might be a simondii. A... 2018-07-26
Psychilis atropurpurea This one is an exception 2018-07-22
Epicrianthes charishampeliae Hi Yves. Epicrianthes charishampeliae was described in OrchideenJ. 6(2): 3. 201... 2018-07-20
Coryanthes macrocorys I am somewhat dubious about #23270... The location is not right. Coryanthes mac... 2018-07-20
Masdevallia bangii From Tom Bajza post: tiny tiny TINY, that is what I can say, and super cute. Mi... 2018-07-14
Phaius tankervilleae Emrys Chew's Post: Phaius tankervilleae (Banks) Blume (1856), the ubiquitous ‘... 2018-07-08
Vanda tricolor var. tricolor Emrys Chew proposal: Vanda tricolor var. tricolor (Kew) is the accepted name an... 2018-07-08
Macradenia multiflora From comments to #23059. CW Lim: Mine is a sequence bloomer too. It looks like ... 2018-07-08
Paphiopedilum callosum An excerpt from Orchidaceae And Its Taxonomy. Guido Jozef Braem, Administrator ... 2018-07-02
Papilionanda Arjuna Photos 20132 and 17846 (both submitted by Francisco Mari-Lassalle) are mislabele... 2018-07-01
Bulbophyllum anceps FOLIA SG post: 2018-06-28. a native of Borneo with flatten bulbs that are tree ... 2018-06-28
Cymbidium dayanum From Đạt PQ post: "Lam Dong Province - Vietnam ------ Geography, small ps... 2018-06-27
Cattleya purpurata Some information on coloration varieties of C. purpurata: - var. tipo has nic... 2018-06-27
Scuticaria peruviana From Jose Izquierdo-Rivera response. "This is not perviana. It is salesiana. Th... 2018-06-26
Corybas geminigibbus From Tom Bajza post, 2018-06-23. Corybas geminigibbus - the smallest terrestr... 2018-06-23
Renanthera citrina-philippinensis The photos posted as first entry for this hybrid flattered to deceive, turning o... 2018-06-23
Brassocattleya Rustic Spots Thank you Matthew. I agree. 2018-06-22
Zygostates grandiflora Ornithocephalus grandiflora #17882 – 17884 were submitted as Ornithocephalus gra... 2018-06-22
Trichoglottis amesiana According to Bernd Koch, #19323-19325 may be misidentified. 2018-06-22
Scaphosepalum decorum According to Bernd Koch, #192172,- 192174 may be falsely identified. 2018-06-22
Sarcoglyphis mirabilis According to Bernd Koch, #1938-1939 may be falsely identified. 2018-06-22
Epidendrum veroscriptum Thanks to Bernd Koch for pointing out that the photo #18658 may be wrongly ident... 2018-06-21
Phalaenopsis Cesario Gene Tobia The plant in photo #494, 496, 519 are remade with (P. cornu-cervi f. flava x P.... 2018-06-21
Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim From Kiat Tan's response: "I was looking for variations such as the clone ‘Doug... 2018-06-20
Aerides houlletiana # 7560 looks like a Aer. falcata than houlletiana. 2018-06-20
Rhyncholaeliocattleya Taeko Tamaki Thank you Deborah for the very first post! Can't wait to see some pictures when... 2018-06-20
Peristeria Albirosa From Stanley Hervey post, 2018-06-19. Peristeria Albirosa (Peristeria elata x P... 2018-06-19
Dendrobium rigidum Ramakrisna Nidagal's post, 2018-06-15: Dockrillia rigida (Dendrobium rigidum) ... 2018-06-16
Octomeria crassifolia From Giovanne Proenca post, June 14 2018: Octomeria Crassifolia is a species of ... 2018-06-16
Pabstiella quadridentata From Giovanne Proenca post: June 14, 2018. Pabstiella Bicolor of the subtribe Co... 2018-06-16
Papilionanda Josephine van Brero Imported into British Malaya and Singapore by Lim Hong Hee, it was acquired subs... 2018-06-14
Vanda tricolor The Vanda tricolor complex encompasses many colourful varietal forms of a wide-r... 2018-06-14
Bulbophyllum longiflorum Bulbophyllum eberhardtii (syn.) arrangement of flowers is not complete circle, u... 2018-06-14
Coelogyne pandurata From Kesavan Gopalan post (June 11,2018) #180828: Coelogyne pandurata from ano... 2018-06-14
Cyrtopodium flavum From Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis post, 201806011, #18034, 181261-2. Cyrtopodium ... 2018-06-14
Pabstiella uniflora From Giovane Proenda post 20180611: #2350, 188630. Pabstiella Uniflora, of the ... 2018-06-14
Aranda Nancy O'Neil Emrys Chew post 2018-06-11 #10117. Aranda Nancy O'Neil (Arachnis hookeriana ×... 2018-06-13
Aranda Nancy Emrys Chew: 2018-o6-11: #10499. Aranda Nancy (Arachnis hookeriana x Vanda dea... 2018-06-13
Dendrobium moschatum Worranittha Koenig post 2018-06-11. #182165. Seens like D. moschatum need a lot... 2018-06-13
Vanilla pompona Kevin Holcomb post 2018-06-11 #182244. Vanilla pompona; Atlanta Botanical Garde... 2018-06-13
Prosthechea tigrina Andreas Kay post 11 Junbe 2018, #182533-34 Orchid, Anacheilium tigrinum? (ID by... 2018-06-13
Lepanthes hexapus Kevin Holcomb post, June 11, 2018 #182585-182606. Another tiny species. The flo... 2018-06-13
Trichoglottis biglandulosa Tomas Bajza post: Jume 10, 2018, img#182651 - Ceratochilus biglandulosus - one ... 2018-06-13
Phalaenopsis Rare Delight From Peter Lin post, #10415: "This one has open form like Phal maculata. Howeve... 2018-06-13