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Dendrolirium lasiopetalum (Willd.) S.C.Chen & J.J.Wood 2009 (Kew)

Common Name: เอื้องนิ่มดอกเหลือง, เอื้องบายศรี, ເອື້ອງຄຳຫີນ
Hainan, China, Asia Temperate
China Southeast, Asia Temperate
Assam, Asia Tropical
Bangladesh, Asia Tropical
East Himalaya, Asia Tropical
India, Asia Tropical
Nepal, Asia Tropical
West Himalaya, Asia Tropical
Cambodia, Asia Tropical
Laos, Asia Tropical
Myanmar, Asia Tropical
Thailand, Asia Tropical
Vietnam, Asia Tropical
Jawa, Asia Tropical
Malaya, Asia Tropical
Sumatera, Asia Tropical
General Information:
Comments: This is a very wide spread species, growing almost all over South eastern Asia. Due to this it is also quite variable and can resist a wide temperature range. When we saw this plant the morning temperature was below 8 Celsius (46 Fahrenheit)
[Xavera Willigendael]
Aerides lasiopetala Willd.
Dendrobium pubescens Hook.
Dendrolirium albidotomentosum Blume
Epidendrum flos-aeris J.Koenig
Epidendrum lasiopetalum (Willd.) Poir.
Eria albidotomentosa (Blume) Lindl.
Eria flava Lindl.
Eria lanata Griff.
Eria lasiopetala (Willd.) Ormerod
Eria polystachya Wight, Icon. Pl. Ind. Orient. 5(1): 4
Eria pubescens (Hook.) Lindl. ex G.Don
Eria pubescens var. lanata (Griff.) Karth.
Octomeria flava Wall. ex Steud.
Octomeria pubescens (Hook.) Spreng.
Pinalia albidotomentosa (Blume) Kuntze
Pinalia pubescens (Hook.) Kuntze
Trias flava Mason
Trias lanata (Griff.) Mason
Genus:   Dendrolirium  (images)

Dendrolirium lasiopetalum
Photo: Bertrand Laville
Dendrolirium lasiopetalum
Photo: Worranittha Koenig
Dendrolirium lasiopetalum
Photo: Shashidhar Sastry