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Vanda tricolor var. tricolor (Kew)


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  • Emrys Chew proposal: Vanda tricolor var. tricolor (Kew) is the accepted name and classification for horticultural varieties of V. tricolor such as planilabris and tenebrosa (similar to each other) as well as purpurea (somewhat distinct). To this group, I would propose the addition of the Vanda from Flores known to the trade as ‘V. floresensis’. If it is a distinct species, it has yet to be formally described after more than a decade. We are still left puzzling over what looks much closer, in both plant and flower, to Vanda tricolor var. purpurea than the suggested alternative: http://aeridinae.e-monocot.org/aeridinae-…/vanda-lombokensis! Rather than getting stuck with a NO ID for want of a formal name, we should simply call this Vanda tricolor var. floresensis, then acknowledge like the rest that it is a synonym of V. tricolor var. tricolor.

    : July 8, 2018, 5:05 p.m.