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Cattleya maxima Lindl. 1833 (Kew)

Venezuela, Northern South America, Southern America
Colombia, Southern America
Ecuador, Southern America
Peru, Southern America
General Information: The lowland subspecies that grows as an epiphyte in Ecuador by the sea level in mangrove forests to 200 mts altitude, in semidecidous tropical forests, hot to warm. Is a giant plant compared to other Cattleyas and differs by its mountain sister that is 'standard' Cattleya sized, the fragrance that is floral ( lily of the valley, Iris), and not the intense sun that requires the mountain one.
Ovidiu Raducu

It has different vegetative forms (short, cool-growing highland varieties vs. tall, warm-growing lowland varieties) in addition to flower colour forms. [Emrys Chew, Ph.D.]
Cattleya malouana Linden
Cattleya maxima var. aphlebia Rchb.f.
Cattleya maxima var. backhousii Rchb.f.
Cattleya maxima var. hrubyana L.Linden & Rodigas
Cattleya maxima f. aphlebia (Rchb.f.) Roeth
Cattleya maxima var. marchettiana B.S.Williams
Cattleya maxima f. alba (A.H.Kent) L.Becker
Cattleya maxima subvar. alba A.H.Kent
Epidendrum maximum (Lindl.) Rchb.f.
Subfamily:   Epidendroideae
Tribe:   Epidendreae
Subtribe:   Laeliinae
Genus:   Cattleya  (images)
Subgenus:   Cattleya  (images)
Section:   Maximae  (images)

Cattleya maxima
Photo: Cássio van den Berg
Cattleya maxima
Photo: Zhao Chen
Cattleya maxima
Photo: Alexander Hirtz