Vanda testacea (Lindl.) Rchb.f. 1877 (accepted Kew)

Common Name: เข็มเหลือง
Distribution Assam, Indian Subcontinent, Asia Tropical
Bangladesh, Asia Tropical
East Himalaya, Asia Tropical
India, Asia Tropical
Nepal, Asia Tropical
Sri Lanka, Asia Tropical
West Himalaya, Asia Tropical
Myanmar, Asia Tropical
Thailand, Asia Tropical
General Information: Small flower, about 10 mm. the bottom of lip is curved up
Comments: This species is proposaed to be moved to Testaceae section L. M. Gardiner et al, Renziana 3: 8. Nov 2013
Synonym Aerides testacea Lindl.
Aerides wightiana Lindl.
Aerides wrightiana Lindl. ex Wall.
Vanda parviflora Lindl.
Vanda testacea var. parviflora (Lindl.) M.R.Almeida
Vanda vitellina Kraenzl.