Angulocaste Augres E.Young O.F. 2001 ( Anguloa clowesii × Lycaste Auburn )

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Seed Parent

Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parents
Angcst. Des Sablons Angcst. Augres Ang. clowesii
Angcst. Le Sauchet Angcst. Augres Ang. hohenlohii
Angcst. Cotil Point Angcst. Augres Ang. × ruckeri
Angcst. Portelet Angcst. Augres Ang. Victoire
Angcst. Moulin de la Perelle Angcst. Augres Angcst. Noirmont
Lycafrenuloa La Folie Angcst. Augres Bif. harrisoniae
Angcst. Colombette Angcst. Augres Lyc. Avranches
Angcst. Samares Angcst. Augres Lyc. Bouley Bay
Lysudamuloa La Lourderie Angcst. Augres Sudamerlycaste costata
Lysudamuloa Le Saut Geoffroy Angcst. Augres Sudamerlycaste locusta
Angcst. Du Rocherez Ang. cliftonii Angcst. Augres
Angcst. Les Alleurs Ang. Lorna Angcst. Augres