Cattleya Mother Enid R.B.Cooke 1995 ( Cattleya Enid × Cattleya Mother Dominican )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parents
C. Orquidacea's Altivo Ciclame C. Mother Enid C. bicolor
C. Mem. Antonio Silveira C. Mother Enid C. Cynthia
C. Maria Cristina Nogueira C. Mother Enid C. Fair Catherine
C. Princess of Floralia C. Mother Enid C. Mildred Rives
C. Orquidacea's Gazela C. Mother Enid C. Miss Fortaleza
C. Suzuki's Pink Flare C. Mother Enid C. Shellie Compton
Rlc. Roberto Agnes C. Mother Enid Rlc. Captain Pessoa
C. Suzuki's Liberty C. Hausermann's Gala C. Mother Enid
C. Lourdes Moscoso Alvarez C. Lorraine Shirai C. Mother Enid
C. Mother Cecília Giorchino C. Mikkie Nagata C. Mother Enid
C. Rainha De Guararema C. Summer Butterfly C. Mother Enid
Rlc. Myryam Athie Rlc. Enid Moore C. Mother Enid