Cattleya Chine Vach.& Lec. 1962 ( Cattleya Omphale × Cattleya Edgard Van Belle )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parents
C. Orcade C. Chine C. Amber Glow
C. Fire Song C. Chine C. Anzac
C. Sumio Nakashima C. Chine C. Batalinii
C. Woomera C. Chine C. Betty Lane
C. Lili C. Chine C. bicolor
C. Horatio C. Chine C. Dusky Maid
C. Velvet Dream C. Chine C. Ganado
C. Edouard Peltier C. Chine C. Jane Warne
C. Mount Vesuvius C. Chine C. Kiama
C. Betty Lane C. Chine C. loddigesii
C. Lou Gilmore C. Chine C. Mary Ellen Carter
C. Nerang C. Chine C. Mary Lou
C. Yung Hua C. Chine C. Seattle Heights
C. Red Cedar Canyon C. Chine C. Waianae Sunset
Ctt. Hawaiian Starlet C. Chine Ctt. Kauai Starbright
Ctt. Guanin C. Chine Ctt. Trick or Treat
Epc. Niña Caribe C. Chine Epi. ciliare
Rth. Double Buttons C. Chine Rth. Bouton D'Or
Rth. Curiosa de Atardecer C. Chine Rth. José Ramón Sobrino-Suárez
Rth. Oro Riqueño C. Chine Rth. Orange Nuggett
Rlc. Anhelo de Esperanza C. Chine Rl. digbyana
Rlc. Camino Oro C. Chine Rlc. Amber Sails
Rlc. Canto de Esperanza C. Chine Rlc. Annie Saldaña
Rlc. Shinfong Queen C. Chine Rlc. Apricot Flare
Rlc. Brigitte C. Chine Rlc. Chambord
Rlc. Gunslinger Gold C. Chine Rlc. Dana Thomas
Rlc. Bypass C. Chine Rlc. Déesse
Rlc. Northwest Passage C. Chine Rlc. Goldenzelle
Rlc. Great China C. Chine Rlc. Marigold Meadows
Rlc. Kung Pai C. Chine Rlc. Sunset Bay (Miyamoto)
Rlc. Marie Patricia C. Chine Rlc. Tapestry Peak
Rlc. Mount Triumph C. Chine Rlc. Thunder Mountain
Rlc. Mem. Cecilia Giorchino C. Chine Rlc. Toshie Aoki
Rlc. Tzeng-Wen Honey C. Chine Rlc. Tzeng-Wen Beauty
Rlc. Dave's Collection C. Chine Rlc. Waikiki Sunset
Rlc. Manzano Peak C. Chine Rlc. William Farrell
C. Gold of China C. Clara Hoshino C. Chine
C. Tahmoor C. Crimson Gold C. Chine
C. Orquidacea's Pingo D'Amore C. Edgard Van Belle C. Chine
C. Nambour C. forbesii C. Chine
C. Seaton C. Gladys May C. Chine
C. Gladys May C. guttata C. Chine
C. Supernova C. Interglossa C. Chine
C. L'Amour de Lisa C. Lee Langford C. Chine
C. Carmen Murray C. Naomi Kerns C. Chine
C. Ananda Apple C. Orcade C. Chine
Ctt. Lasseter's Gold Ctt. Chocolate Drop C. Chine
Ctt. Touch of Class Ctt. Fancy Lady C. Chine
Rlc. Fredensborg Rlc. Ann Sladden C. Chine
Rlc. Castle Emerald Rlc. Cadmium Light C. Chine
Rlc. Mary Udell Bachrach Rlc. Caesar's Head C. Chine
Rlc. Village Chief Grower Rlc. Chunyeah C. Chine
Rlc. Carball Gold Rlc. Fortune C. Chine
Rlc. William Smallwood Rlc. George Angus C. Chine
Rlc. Joyful Rlc. Golden Llewellyn C. Chine
Rlc. Breen's-Bern-Jane Rlc. Golden Slippers C. Chine
Rlc. Mount Isa Rlc. Herons Ghyll C. Chine
Rlc. Bill Cannons Rlc. Julie Kelly C. Chine
Rlc. Mem. Tiffany Tull Rlc. Mem. Helen Brown C. Chine
Rlc. Perla del Caribe Rlc. Mount Hood C. Chine
Rlc. Dickie Brooks Rlc. Oconee C. Chine
Rlc. Clarence Kelley Rlc. Rain Forest C. Chine
Rlc. Warvich Estevan Kerr Rlc. Sâo Carlos C. Chine
Rlc. Lenette's Mountain Sunset Rlc. Sunset Gorge C. Chine
Rlc. Suzuki's Fame Rlc. Tassie Barbero C. Chine
Rlc. Hawaiian Appeal Rlc. Waikiki Gold C. Chine