Cattleya Swan F. 1946 ( Cattleya Edithiae × Cattleya Mademoiselle Louise Pauwels )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
* indicates available images
GrexSeed ParentPollen Parents
C. Kay Franklin C. Swan C. Ben Nevis
C. Nick Barnes C. Swan C. cinnabarina
C. Carlos Gomes C. Swan C. Doctor Behiels
C. Amanda Focht C. Swan C. Empress Bells
C. Swanelle C. Swan C. Estelle
C. Piccard C. Swan C. Harold
C. Fred's Surprise C. Swan C. Henrietta Japhet
C. Otley C. Swan C. Trentino
C. Swan Lake C. Swan C. Vesper Bells
C. Mary Lynn McKenzie C. Bob Betts C. Swan
C. Francis T. C. Au C. Bow Bells C. Swan
C. Mem. Jim Stepan C. Joyce Hannington C. Swan
C. Little Swan C. Little Angel C. Swan
C. Cygne C. Mademoiselle Louise Pauwels C. Swan
C. Belle of Louisville C. Mary Gibbs Jones C. Swan
C. Bee Odessa Boone C. Nell Montgomery C. Swan
C. Swan Song C. Snow Song C. Swan
C. Snow Swan C. Snowdon C. Swan
C. Affection C. White Belle C. Swan