Cattleya Charybdis Orchidwood 1944 ( Cattleya Chelsea × Cattleya Dinah )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parents
C. Mem. Isabella C. Charybdis C. Annie J. Lines
C. Mary Kawena Pukui C. Charybdis C. Bonanza (Bracey)
C. Old Forester C. Charybdis C. Enid
C. Barbara Kinney C. Charybdis C. Gloriette
C. Carolyn Guilford C. Charybdis C. Margaret Helen Purcell
C. Beth August C. Charybdis C. Mount Royal
C. Miami Springs C. Charybdis C. Tela
Rlc. Charybdis Queen C. Charybdis Rlc. British Queen
Rlc. Marr's Hill C. Charybdis Rlc. Norman's Bay
C. Katherine Tompkins C. Derrynane C. Charybdis
C. Edwin J. Fancourt C. Halevy C. Charybdis
C. Fayette C. Miami C. Charybdis
C. Harold J. Patterson C. Princess Margaret C. Charybdis