Cattleya Nutley S.Low 1929 ( Cattleya Hardyana × Cattleya Harold )

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Species Ancestors

Immediate Offspring
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GrexSeed ParentPollen Parents
C. Hartley C. Nutley C. Hardyana
C. Party Girl C. Nutley C. Harold
C. Big Splash C. Nutley C. intermedia
C. Loretta Broughton C. Nutley C. Priscilla
C. Iris Tomye Hirahara C. Nutley C. R. Prowe
C. Observatoire C. Nutley C. warscewiczii
Rlc. Paradise C. Nutley Rlc. Seafoam
C. Carbon Glacier C. Canhamiana C. Nutley
C. Silver Falls C. Carmen C. Nutley
C. Harea C. dowiana C. Nutley
C. Sinfonia C. Dulzura C. Nutley
C. Lady Roberta C. Eleanor C. Nutley
C. Florence Atherton C. Estelle C. Nutley
C. Summer C. Falco C. Nutley
C. Rondeau C. Fascinator-Mossiae C. Nutley
C. Harital C. Italaurea C. Nutley
C. Lavender Princess C. Kienastiana C. Nutley
C. Probity C. Luegeae C. Nutley
C. Marie Webb C. Mab C. Nutley
C. Huron C. mossiae C. Nutley
C. Nuuanu C. Penshurst C. Nutley
C. Mascotte C. Saint George C. Nutley
C. Tirley C. Tirlemont C. Nutley
C. Thousand C. trianae C. Nutley
Rlc. Florence Kodama Rl. digbyana C. Nutley
Rlc. Mollie O'Hara Rlc. Digbyano-mossiae C. Nutley
Rlc. Arthur Kodama Rlc. Nanette C. Nutley
Rlc. Valerie Bonham Rlc. The Baroness C. Nutley